Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Up the Game

Whilst I have been recovering from my heart surgery, I have been attempting to improve the visibility of Epheria and trying to get a foot back in the SEO door since the flood of game stuff that happened.

Sometimes it just feels completely pointless, like I'm never going to make any progress, but the last couple of weeks I have actually seen a bit of movement, which is really reassuring and nice. The main thing I've been focusing on at the moment is making sure to post 3 times a week on all of my social media shet, and try to put helpful hashtags and use the word Epheria for search engine purposes, even though I don't really know that much about the technicalities of that stuff.

I've slowly been getting some more images to appear in search results, although the fact that I have to scroll half way down to see anything of mine is somewhat disheartening. I think the influx of outsider results has slowed down dramatically, and possibly almost stopped. I have a small flame of hope inside me that now the hype over that has died down, maybe the search results will start to fade and drop away, as long as I continue putting out new stuff of my own. Who knows, only time and effort will tell.

The thing that has pushed me the most to keep going with the updates, is the increase I have seen in traffic to my store. Before I started doing regular updates and being wary of my image quality, my hits were averaging at about 80-100 per week for both unique visitors and page views, which means that pretty much everyone who was visiting my store was also immediately leaving it before actually clicking on anything, which is NOT what you want.

In the last few weeks, not only have I had an increase in unique visitors, but the page views per person has gone up. I wasn't too sure how well it was actually working and if the increase was related to my posts or if it was from something else, but when I slacked off on the third week, I saw the numbers immediately drop back down and knew that it wasn't just a coincidence.

Obviously I got back on my game, because who doesn't like getting more website hits? Especially when it appears that a couple of the people visiting now actually want to look at my stuff. I think last week is the best week I've had so far since opening my store. I can't actually verify that, because I can't go back any further than this to check, but I'm like 99.6% sure.

Now I just need to figure out how to turn those extra views into sales...

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