Sunday, 1 June 2014

Becoming a Full-Time Crazy Lady

I have been an early childhood teacher for just over 3.5 years now.
I started as soon I was old enough to work in the industry, which was pretty much immediately after I finished school.

It is lovely and stressful and rewarding, but it was never something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I have always been much more interested in the idea of making a living through art and the things inside my mind, so a few days ago I handed in my resignation.

I am still living with my parents (because they are cool and I am a lazy dependent baby) and I have been saving money since I was a pretty young child, so I figure if I am going to attempt to make something of my creative endeavours, now is definitely the best time to do so.

My last day is Friday the 13th, which was completely coincidental but totally awesome.
It has been a good few years and I am really going to miss the children and most (but admittedly not all) of the staff.

 This journey will not be an easy one; I am going to have to work super hard on my self discipline and procrastination problems, but I can do it! >:c
There will be schedules and goal planning and ALL that shit.
More importantly, lots of consumption of motivational/informational/inspirational media to keep me pumped.



  1. You're lucky to have parents who ACTUALLY believe in you.
    And to help with the procrastination, make a list of chet to do.. I know its just a written form of what you already know, but having it sitting there taunting you until its crossed off is a great way to kick procrastinations ass.
    Or pretend you're "on the clock"

    1. I am extremely thankful for their support. They may not fully agree with my tactics, but I'd never have the courage to take this step if it were not for them.

      I have actually been writing up time schedules for some of my days. I find if I just have a list of things to do, I tend to put them off thinking I have plenty of time and then not end up doing them, but if I write down specific times to work on each thing I get a lot more done. I also have a few general to-do lists sitting around in my room. Stuff that needs to be done soon, stuff I want to do but isn't actually important, etc. :)