Friday, 2 May 2014

Maverick + Shoulder Piece Update

I literally finished my costume less than 2 minutes before my boyfriend rocked up to take us to the party and I only got around to photographing the gun and armour properly the other day because I am lazy.

Take these in your eyes!

I really like how my mav looks, but the spray paint made the insides kinda tight and sticky (lol) so it is slightly crippled now.
It still works though... most of the time.

I did the roulette mod on it as well, but I only had a pair of pliers, a stanley knife, and a crappy nail file, so I couldn't get the nubs all the way down. I thought it would still be fine, but after the paint was added on top, it was mostly pointless.

The completed shoulder piece:
I totally dropped it on my way out to put the final clear coat on before adding the trim and buckle strap, you can see the top of the large spike chipped off.

I was planning to do more detailing on this during the sculpting and painting, but it was too much of a mission and I didn't have time. I think it turned out good anyway.

Leo and myself being party.