Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Injuring Myself Again...

Hello, and welcome to Jemilla's Injury Emporium!

I don't think I have mentioned it on here before, but I started taking aerial classes this year. You know, the acrobatic/dancey/circus stuff.

It is super fun and I am loving it so far, especially the difference I have seen in my strength and body definition since I started. I have, however, injured my self decently 3 times already...

Let me tell you of these events.

#1 The Nose:
During my sixth class, we were attempting our first front balance on the static trapeze.
This move
We had only done a very small amount of trapeze and lyra up until this point and when my instructor asked me to come back down and try going up again (this time without using the ropes to help bring myself over the bar) I jumped off the back like I would if I was getting down from a wall or something.

I soon discovered that this was a very bad idea.

The trapeze swung back and smacked me in the nose as I was making my speedy descent. I headed to the bathroom, bled all over it, and then sidelined the rest of the class with a bag of ice stuck to my face.

It was still bleeding very lightly for the rest of the night and a little again the next morning as I was rushing getting ready for work. The cartilage also appeared to be on quite a bit of an angle now.
Fortunately the bruising was not very noticeable. My nose looked a little dirty but that was about it.

However, two days later I awoke with a slight derp face. The bridge of my nose had swollen and made my eyes appear weird shaped and too far apart. I didn't notice this until my boyfriend and I were getting ready for my grandmother's big 80th b'day party and I went to get a spoon for my coffee. I saw my face in the mirror and freaked the hell out.

After much comforting and some makeup application, I felt a lot better about leaving the house.

#2 The Hamstring:
One week later...
I like to think this one was less of a stupidity thing and more just a lack of flexibility.
 This time I was doing a double footlock split on the silks.
Like this but less impressive
I don't really know what happened with this but I think I just went into them too quickly and overstretched.

There was a pretty loud pop and the feeling of a pulled muscle under my left thigh but it didn't feel really bad.
When I came down, I sat on one of the mats and tried stretching and massaging it to make it feel a little better while I watched the other doods have their turn.
I was doing okay until a little while after I got home.

I was sitting on the floor talking to my parents when I tried to get up and realised my leg was super sore. After some very ungraceful maneuvers, I was standing again and made my way to my room.

I had like zero flexibility in that leg for about a week or so before it very slowly started to make its way back. I still have a lot of trouble moving/stretching it to the side but it seems to be improving.

#3 The Little Toe:
This one wasn't even at aerials.
About a week ago I was trying to do a headstand at my house after looking at too many yoga inversion pictures on instagram.

I lost balance and came down on my foot weird. My little toe was sticking out to the side and I cried like a baby for about 5 minutes on my parents bedroom floor.

I don't know if it is broken or dislocated or what, but it was only sticking out a little bit and wasn't really painful to hold in place so I just iced the crap out of it and wrapped it in place.

My fabulously sexy buddy wrap bandage on the night of the incident.

 I almost bailed on visiting my boyfie because of this one but then I decided that was dumb and I probably wouldn't need to do much walking down there anyway.
I switched my bulky bandage out for some medical tape and managed to get some shoes on for the trip down.

Little did I know that after a few drinks, we would decide to go see a sweet sludge metal band.
I had a great night, but a not so great morning.
My foot and my head were equally painful.

Foot below.
This is what it looked like when I got back home

I am considering skipping 2nd term of aerials while I heal all my current ails because I don't think I'll be able to do any silks on this foot for a while.

I like to think that I can just keep working out and stretching and shit at home, but I know I will probably get slack like I do with everything.

I will try my bestest to not be shit though, and when I feel my foot is strong enough, I can practise on my homesilks.

Bedtime Ahoy.

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