Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Costume Projects

My time over the last couple of weeks has been relatively filled with sewing, cutting, gluing and accidentally injuring myself.
I am enjoying it immensely despite the pain and deadline stress.

My brother and I had planned to do a Batman group with a few of our friends for a convention on the Gold Coast this weekend.
I wanted to do Poison Ivy and began creating my own semi-victorian version via corset, bloomers and bustle.

The bloomers and bustle for this costume were pretty much my first ever sewing projects (after years of telling myself I would learn to sew) and I was pretty apprehensive about how they would turn out.
I looked at various patterns and designs on the internet and then drew up my own based on those. After making a half-arsed mock up of the shorts, I mustered all my courage and cut into my nice new fabric.
They turned out to be mostly a success.

So my Poison Ivy costume had reached about 90% completion and then...

Well, my boyfriend and I both realised that neither of us were really all that interested in going to Supanova and decided to attend a post-apocalypse themed party/gig instead.

So with less than a week to work out what to do for a costume, I returned to my humble abode and began some planning and preparation.

It has been a few days since I began this little side quest.
Here is my current progress: 

I shall post some sort of quest update soon.
Probably just the shoulder armour and my nerf paint job upon their completion.

Peace out my wonderful wastelanders.

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