Saturday, 27 July 2013

Distracting from the Distractions

I have a problem with distractions. It's really quite a large one.

My mind likes to wander and no matter how much I enjoy working on projects, I am constantly looking for reasons to stop.

Sometimes I distract myself with other projects, but most of the time I accomplish nothing.

Roaming around the internet, checking and rechecking websites for updates.

Going to the kitchen and rechecking the fridge and cupboards. I don't even feel hungry. Have I eaten much today? I don't remember.

I don't need to pee. Was I suppose to write down something important? Maybe I need more sleep...

I feel like something is missing. Like I can't do this work until I fix it, but I don't know what it is.

I sit in my chair and tell myself to work, but I just feel stale and crumbly, like a dried up piece of toast.

What the fuck am I missing? Maybe I should do some exercise. Parts of my body ache like an old man, but that's nothing new.

Am I sick? I don't feel sick. I feel tired.

Sleep takes up so much time, but I'm just procrastinating anyway.


That is what I'll do. Maybe this will work better tomorrow.

</brain farts>


  1. on an average night how much sleep do you get?
    When I get a full 8 hours or more I tend to feel the way you've described, constantly checking deviantart and whatnot, thinking new food is going to magically appear the next time I open the fridge...
    But I've found that if I get roughly 4 hours of sleep, go to work, then when I come back I feel energized and ready to do (art work)... as long as I don't sit on the couch first, if I do that then I end up sleeping the rest of the day :/
    Im not sure what times you go in to do your baby inspecting, but see if you can work around that at a time when other people are awake too.
    (ive also noticed that when other people are sleeping I tend not to do art work for fear of waking others and whatnot)
    Oh and salty foods! im more willing to get my ass in gear if ive eaten saltier foods, idk what the f is up with that but yeah.
    Hope I helped some.

  2. If you dont set aside time to be energetic and work out/ be active and get the ol heart rate up every other day. Then the energy isnt there to be used at a later time. A good method if you dont throw yourself into a class for working out/ kung-fu then look up some salute the sun videos and start stretching every day will get you feeling better. But only if you keep at it for a few weeks at least. After awhile you body will crave it and burn energy more effectively