Thursday, 4 April 2013

Mega Upd8s

Sup y'all.

As you can probably see, it has been quite a while since I used this here blogsite, and in that time I have been doing some stuff. Not a lot of stuff considering the time period, but stuff nonetheless. BEHOLD!

At the beginning of this year I finally started doing the webcomic that I had been wanting to do for many moons. I've never done anything like this before so I don't really have any idea what I'm doing but hey, fuck it. Only one way to learn, right? Plus I would have just sat on it forever planning everything out and never actually accomplishing anything if I hadn't just made myself upload the first strip. Now I've started and I have to keep doing it. It's super fun but sometimes my self diagnosed ADD hits pretty hard. It only updates like once a week at the moment, usually Sunday or Monday here in Australia Land. I'd love to update more often but I have to work a real job and I enjoy having a decent amount of 'chill out and do whatever the fuck I want' time for movies and reading and surfing the webs or whatevs. Perhaps in the not so distant future I will spent more of that time doing my comic and update more often. Anyways, it's called Limbs When Convenient. The main character is Randy. He's a giant talking bandaid. Child minds are weird but he is a character that has been stuck in my brain for a lot of years and he is the reason I made a webcomic to start with.

Click this old shitty banner to go see what I've done on it so far. SPOILER: It's not lots.

I've also started making some little thingies out of polymer clay and shet. I guess they're figurines or ornaments or something. I don't know, I'm bad at words. I made this ring and this lighter case just experimenting.

This seamonster foetus lady was for the reddit horror exchange..

And this makeup'd Jake was for the reddit Adventure Time exchange..

I also drew this poster to go with the Jake.

I probably did other stuff too, but I cannae think on it right now.
Later, gator.

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