Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Hey Diggy Dogs!

Hayola there, noobs and nubiles.

Since about Easter, I've been getting a bunch of shitty headaches and felt relatively lacking in energy and kind of just like I was a big giant poop sitting on the bottom of a public swimming pool. My enthusiasm and motivation levels have been somewhat low, but I think I am finally starting to morph back into my non-zombie self and hopefully there will be a resulting increase in motivation and maybe less procrastinating. Mabeys, just maybles.

During that time though, I got some acoustic foam and a pop filter in the mail from my buddy old pal, ebay, and one of the shelves in my cupboard got knocked out to make room for a little mic booth thingy. Here are some pixie roos...

Dodgy recording booth taking refuge in Closetland.

I think the time has finally come for me to actually try to learn 3D animation. Not a 'mess around with modelling once or twice, achieve nothing and then leave it untouched for 6 months' try, but a proper try. It's pretty high up on my main goals, but it might not progress much for a few weeks. I have been pretty stressed out lately, most likely the cause of my headaches and shitness, but I'm not entirely sure what about. I think it's probably just from being so unorganised lately. I try to remember all the stuff I should be doing and always think that I'm forgetting important stuff or missing deadlines or something. I'm going to have a to-do list now so that I know what has to be done and when. Hopefully then I can just feel at peace, you know bro? Chill out some.

Anyway, I'm a total 3D noob at the moment. I can do like real basic modelling, some not so great but still acceptable lighting, and I have made a single motion clip. A motion clip that doesn't loop very smoothly. So you know. Seasoned pro here. Whatever, it will happen. I basically have everything I need to learn it, I'm just lazy and really bad at time management. M dot Strange, being the nice helpful dude that he is, gave me a couple of models to play around with. I decided they could be model models so I threw up a backdrop and some lights and made them pose for a photo. HURR HURR HURR//

Srsly though, M. Thanks for helping out and being awesome.

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